Monday, January 26, 2015

"Side-to-Side" Re-Discovered!

Well Folks, I'M SNOWED IN!

I wanted to take a minute to share my excitement in FINALLY figuring out the correct physical engagement to complete the "side-to-side" with the pole on the short box. It's not that the exercise itself has a huge range of motion--and it isn't exactly popular for being everyone's favorite exercise; however, I a constantly reminded by other practitioners of its positive properties, especially when it comes to pelvis stabilization and achieving a stretch of the obliques on each side of the body.

Rather than moving my box forward and twisting it diagonally as I had been doing consistently, my mentor re-described the motion as being more of a "windshield wiper" movement where the box does indeed come forward, but the shoulders and hips remain down and there is no rotation--that comes later in the "twist" with the pole on the short box! Instead, the wiper movement involves a reaching up and over, essentially coming out of the pelvis as though stretching up and over a barrel running horizontal to your side and elongating while stretching!

I'll try to post more pictures as I figure more out along the way! My group is now tackling the intermediate Apparatus module and will be continuing to practice and teach with each coming day!

Stay safe if you're in the blizzard and keep being open to learning things you thought you knew already :)

Tease On and Warm Up,


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