Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pilates Applied to Rock Climbing--Alex Honnold!

Six Principles Are The Difference Between Life and Death!

At least in this case.

Living legend and rock climber golden boy, Alex Honnold demonstrates his unmatched ability to use control, concentration, breath, and precision (as well as some flow) to climb an remarkably physically and mentally challenging route in Yosemite National Park (where I lived, worked and rock climbed two summers ago). As a climber myself, I have an indescribable amount of respect for those who take calculated risks and use their bodies and minds to achieve greatness, despite seemingly "impossible" barriers that stand before them.

What's most amazing perhaps, is that Honnold isn't a typical "buff" guy--few rock climbers are! In fact, I have rock climber friends who do Pilates and yoga as their alternative form of exercise, rather than typical gym workouts. Like Pilates, climbing is more about control than brute force and that's one of the things that makes Honnold so astounding. Having friends who've met Honnold (as well as the film's videographer) I have been told that Honnold reflects a peaceful and composed demeanor that comes from focus, compassion and control.

So now, experience three+ minutes of bliss and inspiration.

Squarespace Presents: Alex Honnold (Climber's Cut)

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