Monday, November 24, 2014

What Does it Mean to Have DISCIPLINE?

**It means no ONE thing to any ONE person. Discipline hinges on what each individual chooses to be most important in their lives and how they plan to use control and concentration to achieve it.

For me, discipline means allowing myself to do what is healthiest for my body and mind, without indulging too deeply within the distractions and substances that have the ability to derail me and keep me from maintaining alignment and a sense of balance. I'm not someone who posits the importance of health just for the hell of it--I've truly observed in myself how a lifestyle focused on the well-being of myself and others helps to clear literal and figurative "toxins" from festering in my system.

I am never ever one to be self-righteous or preachy or condescending. This simple theory of mine has no religious or political affiliation, or ability to be categorized. I do not work to be healthy in order to impress someone or put others down--I try to be healthy so I can stay sane and have the ability to love and respect others, as well as myself. In fact, I feel much less kind and respectful when I am indulging too deeply in sadness or fear or failure. Putting myself down never seems to help anyone come up.

I am part of a group of friends who have encountered a variety of unbelievable hardships, but we have all been working to use the resources from within our bodies to help ourselves become more fit to handle life's twists and turns. Dedicating myself to achieving well-being is harder than I could've ever imagined, but well worth the energy. I understand some of what I'm saying may border on cliche, or may seem hard to relate to, but health (whatever that means to you) IS something that requires discipline and importantly, YOUR singular vision of WHAT health means!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not allow work, school and others to make you feel that your health (mental and physical) comes second. Health NEVER comes second, otherwise, you will not have the energy and ability to maintain meaningful relationships with others!

Alright, I hope this does not read as instructional or preachy--I simply want everyone to realize that their health is important and to attempt to use discipline as the set of tools to achieve that health. All peace and love and gooey hippy dippy stuff like that :)

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