Friday, September 19, 2014

Mat Certification in Full Swing...Test Coming Soon!

Hi Pilates-ers!

Last night I completed the second of my beginner pre-Pilates mat classes--this means that in about a week I'll be taking the exam! I am responsible for memorizing a beginner mat and weight routine, along with routines using the theraband and magic circle! There are about 5-6 of us in the class and we're all pretty nervous, but I've really liked how helpful and supportive everyone's been to each other regardless of age or experience!]

I have a feeling we're all going to do pretty well :) (At least I hope so since I volunteered to go second!)

Today, I'm gonna go teach my friend who has never done Pilates before! Hopefully I'll be able to cue her in the right direction!

Below is a link to a verrrrry important piece of the Pilates *method* (I have to keep reminding myself to say "method"). Regardless of what studio you may attend, knowing the SIX PRINCIPLES OF PILATES is integral to becoming a great student and informative teacher!

Have a good day everyone. Do a teaser for me!

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