Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Morning After

Today is another day and I've officially passed the beginner/pre-Pilates mat certification test! Going into it, I obviously felt nervous, yada yada yada, but confident enough to do it comfortably and professionally.  Trying not to be too critical on myself, I'll break it down for ya where it comes to details. Where I succeeded: I think years of public speaking, performance and tutoring helped to give me a good energy and competence as a teacher--also, I had the actual mat portion of the material DOWN and was pretty good about all of the necessary details. 

My instructor gave highest marks to me for my explanation of each exercise, which is a skill that definitely came from multiple different experimentations with explaining motion through imagery and precise instruction. 

Oi. What I need to work on: keeping track of reps! I didn't realize until the exam started how difficult it is to meld being an informative and energized instructor, while remembering rep numbers and key points about the importance of each exercise. That being said, I was able to keep the flow of the routine. I also need to make sure I'm not being too cordial with my classes, aka apologizing or second guessing myself. Many of the people who take these mat classes--especially beginner ones--have no idea what the details of the routine are and it's best to keep an air of authority and competence, otherwise students will start to second guess the instructor! We don't want that.

The other challenge that presented itself to me was the appearance of two clients over the age of sixty with prevalent injuries. Once I addressed what needed to be modified for them, I may have obsessed a bit too much on them, more than other students. It was a bit stressful as I had the largest class of all the students in the certification course and my hands-on work was not just for show, but actually necessary!

All in all, I am happy this first step of my journey has been completed, but of course I am always looking to do better and have to do my best not to be too much of a perfectionist when it comes to scores. I know one thing, after doing the routine seven times for other students, my inner thighs are feeling that Pilates stance!

Tease on!


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