Monday, September 29, 2014

What Gets You Pumped?!

One of the things I love about Pilates opposed to other forms of exercise and other forms of meditation is the lack of distractions around me when I'm doing a routine. As much as I love music, I think it's important to remove all exterior interference and really focus on those six principles (Breath, Flow, Concentration, Control, Centering and Precision if you forgot ;)) and the five parts of the mind (Will, Memory, Intelligence, Imagination and Intuition). By doing this, I truly feel I become a better Pilates student and therefore, teacher as I am able to improve each time I practice with a clear mind and active memory.

That all being said, I want to know what you like to do when gearing up for, or winding down from a really good, sweaty practice! We'll talk about food and drink regimes another day, but what about music, books and movies, places to relax? After I finish a hard workout, I love to find somewhere comfortable (preferably outside!) to enjoy nature and music if I have it with me. For whatever reason, lately I've been really into Fleetwood Mac--Rumors was the first CD I ever owned at age nine and I haven't stopped loving it since! I also enjoy reading something light, yet engaging, like modern poetry (there's a lot of good stuff out there, believe me!!!) or a book I've read before that stirs up positive emotions and reflections. 

Also, I enjoy doing Chakra meditation and other forms of meditative regimes and exercise that I will go into more detail in a future post. The point is--do the practice AND enjoy the life that occurs before and after you enter the studio (or whatever space you practice)!!

Let me know your favorite things to do!


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