Sunday, September 21, 2014

Spotlight on Six Principles! Why do we learn them anyway?

With years of experience in academic settings, I've grown accustomed to the frustration of learning dozens, hundreds...thousands (?) of terms, phrases and concepts, without being provided with an account of why the term is so important in the first place.

When it comes to the SIX PRINCIPLES OF PILATES, my mentors have been incredible with their explanations of the information they teach and share. It may even be said that the reason I'm doing Pilates is because of the six principles and the history that lies behind each one. Two terms specifically, concentration and centering, have unique significance in my life. 

The first of the two terms mentioned helped to slow me down from the harried, unenthusiastic daily life I was leading. Whether it was working out, writing or even socializing, I did things with a certain flippancy that washed my life with an ill-feeling of boredom and listlessness. Once I was forced to concentrate--that means no music, no other technology or distractions when doing the routine, I was able to slow my life to an appropriate gear, and concentrate on what is truly important to me.

Centering follows concentration in its necessity to my current lifestyle. The word can be applied a number of ways, including physically. Centering is an important concept that corresponds with the position of the box and the structure around which one's Pilates routine is based. However, I am referring to centering on a different level. Using Pilates to help center and quiet my mind did nothing short of change my life.  I've encountered years of struggle regarding restlessness and strain on my mind and on my perception of the world I live in, but my discovery of Pilates has initiated a new perspective on myself and my surroundings that stimulates me as I go throughout my day, yet keeps my mind at peace.

I could ramble on for pages about the continued importance of these two principles, along with the other four, but we'll leave that for another time! Please feel free to offer any feedback or thoughts on how the six principles have influenced you!

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**link to an explanation of the six principles appears in an earlier post entitled: "Mat Certification in Full Swing...Test Coming Soon!"

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