Saturday, October 25, 2014

8 Months Unplugged!

As of this week, I have been off social media (except this blog, if that counts ;) ) for EIGHT MONTHS! I cannot begin to verbalize how wonderful this decision has been for me in terms of my ability to focus and enjoy the life surrounding me. Additionally, I have stopped plugging in my headphones while out in public, so I can be truly observant of everything happening around me. I adore listening to music, but I've found it increasingly beneficial in Pilates and life in general, to rid myself of external distractions and stressors that take away from my ability to experience joy on a daily basis. Since I am unable to see the constant stream of social media updates that happen everyday, I am less exposed to the unnecessary and self deprecating comparisons one makes between themselves and their social media "friends."

I hope you are all able to access a place where you feel free (as much as you can be) from unneeded distraction and negativity.



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